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"A moment you'll never remember, and a night you'll never forget!!"


he/abyss/fang prns minor!! ☆ white passing mixed person, art by acrospector!!


. Likes . coding, pink aesthetics, idv, paul dano, batman, the riddler, hannibal, american psycho
. Dislikes . people who hatemail paul dano, venting without permission, telling me to kms, even as a joke,

... Before you follow ... i am mentally ill,, so be patient and use tone tags with me plz..i do tend to have a typing quirk from time to time, pls dont point it out unless you want a translation, also i am mike morton, ganji gupta , naib subedar n lan wangji lolz please keep that in mind ... Do not interact ... basic dni criteria, system antis/fake claimers , vera nair and jack the ripper likers, if you say you're me or kin me tbh, if you call fictives 'doubles' of you, hateful to any minority, hardcore dsmp n genshin fans, call me an 'irl' 'da' 'system' or 'alter'

little guide updated at 4:20 AM

mike/ganji he/abyss/fang/love
jack he/him fenix ae/aes sol all prns/volt/shock vyn they/them steam he/hound

other info updated at 3:33 AM

i have loads of anxiety so i may be slow in responding, i use plural kit from time to time, pls do not bring it up or treat me weirdly!